A favorite building from our study abroad days in Denmark is the B.T. Huset building in Copenhagen (Kristen Bernikows Gade 8) by Henning Larsen, completed in 1994. The small building for a Danish newspaper fits perfectly into the urban massing and takes queues from the adjacent historical geometries. The delicate stainless steel skin of the building creates differing transparencies throughout the day and night. Only the Scandinavians could do something so design forward and yet so careful.

“Our architectural aim is to design beautiful physical surroundings of a high functional quality – from urban area development plans, urban spatiality and buildings to completion, interior arrangement and industrial design. We wish to emphasize the uniqueness of each project, the initial idea being developed in a dynamic, emphatic process in which the specific brief and the potentials of the site are the generators.”
– Henning Larsen Architects