The Paperless Age, A Love Letter+

BUILD thanks the DPD for a quantum leap in submitting permits.

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13 September, 2013

Seattle Design Festival 2013+

BUILD shares their list of must-sees for this year's Seattle Design Festival.

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10 September, 2013

S2V 2013+

BUILD recaps the continually successful and rewarding ride from Seattle to Vancouver.

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6 September, 2013

Sometimes Dumber is Smarter+

BUILD shares one of the many counter-intuitive measures of modernism.

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3 September, 2013

On the Radar+

BUILD shares the latest and greatest inspiring blips on their radar.

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30 August, 2013

Defining the Datum+

BUILD discusses their standard datum lines and the rationale behind their process.

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27 August, 2013

Why We Still Model…By Hand+

BUILD breaks down their rationale behind making physical models.

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23 August, 2013

Ridge Beams and Ridge Boards: Modern Structural Solutions for A-Frames+

BUILD spells out the distinctions between ridge beams and ridge boards in modern A-frame construction.

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20 August, 2013

BUILD Status Report+

The latest on what's been keeping BUILD buzzing all summer long.

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16 August, 2013

Marking the Jobsite+

BUILD shares their latest tips on fine-tuning the design-build process.

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13 August, 2013

Summer in Seattle Roundup+

Team BUILD shares their picks for summer activities in Seattle, for the local and the tourist.

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9 August, 2013

Lessons in Tile+

BUILD shares the latest standards driving their bathroom design.

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6 August, 2013

An Architectural Glossary+

BUILD shares a lesson in architectural vocabulary.

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2 August, 2013

CreativeLIVE San Francisco, Part 3: Lofts, Mezzanine & Deck+

BUILD wraps up the creativeLIVE tenant improvement with part 3 of the series.

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30 July, 2013

CreativeLIVE San Francisco, Part 2: Lunchroom, Kitchen & Breakout Rooms+

BUILD continues to share the scoop on the finished spaces and specs at creativeLIVE San Francisco.

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26 July, 2013

CreativeLIVE San Francisco, Part 1: Reception, Studios & Workrooms+

BUILD shares the ins and outs of creativeLIVE's new San Francisco office. (Part 1 of 3)

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23 July, 2013

Landing a Job in Architecture+

Five factors to separate you from a stack of resumes.

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19 July, 2013

Rhythm of Architecture, Part II+

BUILD continues the research and exploration of modernism with rhythm.

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16 July, 2013

Rhythm of Architecture, Part I+

BUILD shares the importance and beauty of rhythm in architecture.

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12 July, 2013

Glass Box in the Forest+

BUILD gets transparent with some technicalities and design moves of a recently completed project.

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9 July, 2013

On the Radar+

BUILD shares the latest activity hitting their summer radar.

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5 July, 2013

Poetics of Ordinary+

BUILD admires the simplicity and poetry of ordinary objects used in extraordinary ways.

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2 July, 2013

Diagrams and the Power of Communication+

BUILD shares some exceptional diagrams from student work, raising the bar for students and professionals alike.

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28 June, 2013

The Rationale of Feng Shui in Architecture+

BUILD spells out the 10 most practiced guidelines of Feng Shui

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25 June, 2013

The Modern List Seattle+

BUILD updates the ever-evolving The Modern List Seattle.

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21 June, 2013

Society Activation+

BUILD shares the final specs and celebration at Society Consulting.

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18 June, 2013

The Architecture of Stanley Saitowitz+

BUILD takes a tour of Stanley Saitowitz's San Francisco.

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14 June, 2013

The Importance of Concept+

BUILD shares the importance of a concept, and reveals the one driving their latest project.

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11 June, 2013

Ten Interviews for ARCADE+

BUILD looks back at the past 10 interviews for ARCADE.

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7 June, 2013

Reusing Stone and Brick+

BUILD spells out the pros and cons of reusing existing brick and stone on a project.

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4 June, 2013