Raising the Bar

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Pacific Northwest Design+

BUILD defines key characteristics of Northwest Regional design, and highlights some head-turning projects.

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Raising the Bar #3: Well Executed Townhomes+

BUILD highlights some bar-raising townhome developments popping up around the city.

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Raising the Bar #2: Super-Markets+

BUILD takes note of the possibilities (and the reality) of supermarket design here and abroad.

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Raising the Bar+

BUILD recommends how we can all raise the bar towards a better built environment.

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An opportunity for Washington firms to cowboy-up+

In 2005 the University of Washington started an exhibit titled “Headlines: Architecture on the Boards”.  Since then the UW has...

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The 10 step program to becoming a down-to-earth architect+

1. Wear colors every once in a while. Hey, we’re just as guilty as anyone – I tried to wear...

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The Black Box of Architecture+

Starting a blog about down-to-earth, modern design, it seems only appropriate to begin with Reyner Banham – an architecture critic...

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