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Letter to BUILD+

A few weeks ago we received an email from a very talented young architect in training that we interviewed several...

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4 Cities in South America+

After sneaking off to South America over the holidays we’re back in the saddle here at the BUILDblog.  Our travels...

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Open Letter to Interns and Young Architects+

Dear Interns and Young Architects, We’ve been getting a lot of resumes lately.  Thank you for that – it’s good...

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Kengo Kuma Lecture+

[photo by dbox] On Monday night BUILD attended the Kengo Kuma lecture at the Seattle Public Library which was a...

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Open Letter to MOMA+

Dear MOMA, We are members, supporters and regulars of your extraordinary museum.  We link to you on our websites, name-drop...

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Uppsala: Two Important Buildings+

North of Stockholm, about an hour by train, is the small university town of Uppsala. It makes for a nice...

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Phoenix Architecture: Part Three+

Part three of our Phoenix series focuses on the public library. As this is our last in the series we...

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Phoenix Architecture: Part Two+

Part two of our Phoenix series focuses on Frank Lloyd Wright and a couple of his most prominent works in...

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Phoenix Architecture: Part One+

The BUILD research team is currently in sunny Phoenix Arizona and we thought we’d do a blog or two while...

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Gwendolyn Wright Lecture+

[Photo by Don Purdue] On Wednesday night Gwendolyn Wright finished up the UW spring lecture series with an exceptional talk...

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The Commodity of Cool: Reinventing the concept of shopping+

A couple of good buddies have been feeding us high-end, design concept shops like Third-Ave crack dealers. Thanks to Brian,...

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Behnisch Architects Lecture+

Last night the UW kicked off their winter lecture series with Christof Jantzen of Behnisch Architects. Based in Stuttgart, Boston...

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INTERVIEW with PAUL FAGET, structural engineer+

Paul Fagét has been gracious enough to be our inaugural volunteer for our interview series focusing on folks involved in...

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