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A Student’s Guide to the Architectural Portfolio+

5 Timeless guidelines for every design portfolio

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A Design Guide to the Super Bowl+

Full design coverage for the 2014 Super Bowl.

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Architectural Animations+

BUILD checks out some eye-catching architectural animations and videography.

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Graphic Representations+

BUILD highlights some of their favorite examples of well-executed diagrams

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Design, Graphics & Liquor+

BUILD LLC takes on branding and graphic design for a liquor company.

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The Importance of Diagrams+

BUILDblog releases the latest set of diagrams for a residential project and discusses the importance of diagramming.

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BUILD Book Report + Movie Review+

The BUILDblog kicks the tires on some design books, both new and old favorites too.

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Ten of our favorite diagrams (lately)+

10 cool diagrams you should get your eyeballs on.

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BUILD Book Report+

The BUILDblog kicks the tires on several books; some new and some that have stood the test of time.

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Although we operate a shoot-from-the-hip design blog, we actually draw from a great deal of professional literature. By ‘professional’ we’re...

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BUILD Book Report+

As Architects and builders we buy a lot of books and we get rid of a lot of books, but...

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Death & Design+

About a year ago we did a post on the Architecture of Death, wherein we criticized the chinsey, mass produced...

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Well Designed Products = Better Quality of Life+

We just returned from Vancouver B.C. where we scouted out some cool new design products for the home.  There’s some...

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Beautifully Boring Scenes+

BUILD showcases elegance in the mundane.

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BUILDblog Guide to Resumes+

BUILD exposes tips on the qualities of a good (and bad) resume.

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Recent Cabinet Details+

BUILD shares some of the latest and greatest from the SPD shop.

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Design and Cooking+

BUILD shares some of their favorite resources that merge good design and good food.

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Learning from Legos+

BUILD gives LEGO the credit they deserve.

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BUILD shares the results of their modern daybed research.

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Timeless Design+

BUILD catalogs some of their favorite designs that will never go out of style.

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Evolutions in Graffiti+

BUILD encounters the changing nature of street art during some recent travels.

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SIDEBOARD mobile bar+

A couple of months ago it became painfully apparent here in Seattle that; A. The architecture and construction industry is...

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Instruction Art+

While in Manhattan at the Guggenheim last week we stumbled on the work of New York artist William Anastasi. A...

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BUILD build-out+

It has taken us 17 months to finally finish our own office here at the Park Modern, but that gave...

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Special Projects Division Cabinet Shop+

An introduction to the Special Projects Division (SPD) cabinet shop, a subsidiary of BUILD LLC where we make hot, modern...

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On the Radar+

Thanks to those of you supplying our addiction to modern design and culture, there’s been no lack of great links...

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We’re currently in the middle of designing a modern, timeless kitchen for a single family residence and it’s an exciting...

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The Architecture of Death+

Typically we try and stay away from them, but about once a year we end up at a big box...

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On the Radar+

On the Radar is BUILD’s every-couple-of-weeks synopsis of what we’re up to up. SURFING Lately our favorite gratuitous image site...

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BUILD 2008 Halloween Costumes+

We’re just about done designing a home for an awesome client of ours who threw a Halloween party this year....

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On The Radar+

A lot of cool stuff has found its way to the BUILDblog lately. Thanks to everyone for keeping us up...

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