BUILD Behind the Scenes

To be of use+

[Photo by BUILD LLC] Months ago we put out a signal for pro-bono work here at BUILD, shortly thereafter we...

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Interior Screening+

BUILD shares their simple strategies for optimizing texture and light in a recent urban condo build-out.

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Translucency and Light+

BUILD shares a peek into strategies for harnessing subtle and dramatic light qualities.

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Learning from Legos+

BUILD gives LEGO the credit they deserve.

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How to Start Your Own Design Firm+

BUILD shares their wisdom on how to start your own firm.

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Put us to work+

Years ago we were introduced to a father of 6 who had just lost his wife to cancer.  He and...

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Young Architects Day+

Last fall we initiated a program called YAD (Young Architects Day).  The concept is to set aside an afternoon for...

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SIDEBOARD mobile bar+

A couple of months ago it became painfully apparent here in Seattle that; A. The architecture and construction industry is...

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Epiphany and New Website+

It’s done; our new website is launched. Our last website lasted us 9 years. And while it was home-made and...

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BUILD build-out+

It has taken us 17 months to finally finish our own office here at the Park Modern, but that gave...

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The Irreplaceable Quality of the Architectural Model+

There is something about physical architectural models that digital renderings will never be able to reproduce. Don’t get us wrong,...

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Residential Construction Cost Cheat-Sheet+

The BUILDblog residential construction cost cheat-sheet is a quick method to estimate the cost of a new home or home...

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Special Projects Division Cabinet Shop+

An introduction to the Special Projects Division (SPD) cabinet shop, a subsidiary of BUILD LLC where we make hot, modern...

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Mid-Century Modern Remodel+

Updating a 1950's mid-century modern home in Seattle's Magnolia neighborhood with modern materials and methods.

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A Statement on Sustainability by BUILD LLC+

A statement addressing BUILD LLC's commitment to sensible design where durability, density, regionalism and timelessness are the most important factors...

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Young Architects Day Recap+

On Wednesday November 5th BUILD initiated the first YAD event.  Young Architects Day is an afternoon/early-evening event in Seattle that...

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BUILD 2008 Halloween Costumes+

We’re just about done designing a home for an awesome client of ours who threw a Halloween party this year....

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Open Letter to Interns and Young Architects+

Dear Interns and Young Architects, We’ve been getting a lot of resumes lately.  Thank you for that – it’s good...

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Your favorite websites+

It’s time for a new website here at BUILD llc. We got some good mileage out of our clunky Flash...

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Picnic Seattle+

Monday September 29th marks the opening of Picnic, a brand new food and wine boutique here in Seattle on Phinney...

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The Process of Architecture+

BUILD describes the full process of how architecture comes together.

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BUILDblog break+

August marks a year of the BUILD blog and it’s time for us to take a little breather. Thanks to...

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Modern House: materials and methods of the current time+

BUILD llc recently completed a home on Bainbridge Island here in the northwest that uses some materials and methods that...

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Digital Media Tools for Architects and Designers+

So there we were, logged on to YouTube, staring at the monitor glassy eyed and naïve. We submitted our search...

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Recent Materials + Products+

Recently BUILD finished up a nice little condominium interior which introduces several new products to the palette. We’ve put together...

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Self Centered Hype and Promotion+

<begin shameless plug> Just when someone recently compliments us on having a “concern for the greater good instead of self...

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Despite the growing popularity of rainscreen systems, we find that most people don’t know much about them and don’t understand...

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Objects for the Home+

We thought we’d do a Friday show-n-tell today and get some work up that we did back in college. One...

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BUILD Progress Report+

    As BUILD steps into 08 we figured it would be a good time for a progress report. We’ve...

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The Challenge of Multi-Family Housing+

Creating multi-family housing involves a great many architectural challenges naturally, but more often we’re noticing that it is the political,...

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Modern NW Cabins+

Northwest architecture is often associated with rural, get-away type dwellings; unfortunately the idea of a dwelling set within nature brings...

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Mid-century modernization+

Being a small design-build firm who recently stepped into developing our own projects we’ve wondered about the possibility of creating...

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