BUILD Behind the Scenes

Case Study Pro-Bono Project+

BUILD outlines their method of pro-bono work.

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A Guide to Updating Mid-Century Modern Homes+

BUILD reviews their process for updating MCM homes in detail.

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Translation as Architecture+

BUILDblog discusses the basic building blocks of good design.

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How We Graphically Present Design+

BUILDblog covers their graphic presentation techniques

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The Working Wall+

BUILD LLC takes a look at one of the main drivers of a dynamic design space.

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BUILD Progress Report+

The scoop on what BUILD LLC is currently up to.

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Modern Christmas Tree+

BUILD LLC launches its Modern Reusable Plywood Christmas Tree.

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Start-up Architecture+

The BUILDblog covers internet and social media start-up office design for a current project.

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A Home for the 21st Century: Part 2, the Interior+

All the behind the scenes materials and methods of a mid-century modern house remodel

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A Home for the 21st Century: Part 1, the Exterior+

BUILD LLC remodels a mid-century modern home to last another 50 years.

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Invisible Architecture+

BUILD LLC completes an inconspicuous design for people, art and celebration.

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Material Purity vs. Paint+

BUILD LLC struggles with material purity and paint.

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Sliding Doors S-M-L+

The BUILDblog covers sliding door hardware for Small, Medium and Large applications.

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AIA: Help us help you+

BUILD reaches out to the AIA for some solutions.

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Thank You Sir, May I Have Another+

BUILD learns how to smile as the economy paddles its ass.

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Davidson Residence Night Shots+

Night shots of the latest residential project by BUILD LLC

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A House on the Bluff+

BUILD LLC announces the completion of a new, modern home in Seattle; the post covers materials, methods and design ideas...

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Failure and Messiness are Part of the Process+

BUILDblog covers the messiness of the design process and reviews why it's a necessary component of good design.

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The Fascination of Demo+

BUILDblog covers the wonder and fascination of construction demolition.

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BUILDlab: Cabinet Shop Innovations+

Some cool new designs and toys from the Special Projects Division cabinet shop.

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How We’re Making It, A Top 10 List+

BUILD's top ten tips for flourishing in the tough economic climate.

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BUILD Progress Report+

Some current BUILD projects and publications.

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Cabinetry and Craftsmanship+

Since putting in some elbow grease at the SPD cabinet shop we’ve been thoroughly reminded of the importance of craftsmanship...

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Architecture as Surgery+

We love mid-century modern homes.  The floor plans are straight-forward with intentional relationships between rooms, the elevations are kept deliberately...

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An Architect’s Philosophy of Photography+

Many of you that follow along with the BUILDblog know that, as an architecture firm, we started taking our own...

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Furniture From Our Shop+

Last year BUILD LLC opened the Special Projects Division cabinet shop and since then we’ve had our heads down working...

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DESIGN-BUILD: Behind the Scenes+

[Photo by John Wallis] BUILD’s recent Tree House Pavilion for the Microsoft Open House in Manhattan was a huge success...

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Traditional + Modern Architecture+

The preservation of traditional architecture is important to us and being a modern architecture firm does not exclude us from...

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Manhattan Tree House Pavilion+

We’ve got a hot new project to unveil that we’ve been keeping under wraps since its very recent inception.  It...

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2 Years of the BUILDblog+

The BUILD Blog celebrates two years.

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BUILDblog Guide to Resumes+

BUILD exposes tips on the qualities of a good (and bad) resume.

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Modern Condominium Build-Out+

Construction of a condominium interior in downtown Seattle. The project uses new cabinets, new finishes and features a translucent shower...

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