Urban Explorations+

The BUILDblog explores the work of urban guerrilla Steve Duncan.

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Irish Firms+

In spirit of St. Patty's day, the BUILDblog covers some hot, modern Irish Firms.

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The sophistication of under-design: ODOS Architects+

The BUILDblog review of Ireland's ODOS architects. Simple and modern, their work hits all the right chords.

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Women Making an Impact 5+

The BUILDblog women making an impact series highlights 10 female architects making a significant contribution to the design community. The...

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Architecture of Modesty+

Several weeks ago the New Yorker published a piece on Zaha Hadid, the talented 60 year old Iraqi architect known...

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Objectified: 12 Quotes+

If you’re even remotely involved in the design industry and you haven’t yet watched Gary Hustwit’s Objectified, we highly recommend...

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The Pleasure of Looking at Other Architects Work+

[Summer House in the archipelago of Trosa south of Stockholm photo by Max Plunger] It’s always nice to look at...

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Women Making an Impact 4+

It’s time for installment #4 of the Women Making an Impact series and we gotta say –the work we’re coming...

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Women Making an Impact 3+

We’ve been having an immense amount of fun with the Women Making an Impact series.  The education that comes with...

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Women Making an Impact 2+

The response to our recent Women Making an Impact post was astonishing. We received enough resources from our rock-star readers...

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Women Making an Impact 1+

A recent BUILDblog post created a fictitious lecture series for the department of architecture here in town and while we...

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Julius Shulman: Master Photographer+

BUILD digs into the brilliant and strategic photography of Julius Shulman.

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Arthur Erickson: Pacific Northwest Modern Master+

BUILD pays homage to one of the Northwest's great architects.

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Pacific Northwest Design+

BUILD defines key characteristics of Northwest Regional design, and highlights some head-turning projects.

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Heinz Isler: A few important things+

[Deitingen Service Station, Solothurn Switzerland, 1968] With the discussion of efficient and sustainable design more important than ever in architecture,...

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Ted Smith: Architectural Super-Hero+

BUILD does some homework and shares the results on a unique player in the architecture world.

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Carlo Mollino: Renaissance Man+

[Photo courtesy Carlo Mollino arabesques, Electa Press] There’s a good chance that your college design professors never introduced you to...

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The Work of Gert Wingårdh+

While traveling through Scandinavia last summer we came across the work of Gert Wingårdh.  We’re ashamed to admit it but,...

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Lorcan O’Herlihy: The Rigor of Process+

We’ve wanted to do a post on the work of Lorcan O’Herlihy for quite some time now. The difficulty was...

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The Work of Sebastian Mariscal+

We often wonder why so many great lessons from mid-century modern architecture, and most notably the Case Study House Program,...

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E. Cobb Architects+

The work of Eric Cobb has been a strong influence on us here at BUILD; in fact we got our...

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Skylab, Portland+

We often feel like we’re building with sticks and stones here in the Pacific Northwest. Refined interiors, sophisticated surfaces and...

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Part 2 of Claus en Kaan’s work features ten commercial projects.  More of their work can be viewed here. 2005–2007 ...

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Claus en Kaan, modern architecture from the Netherlands+

We recently came across Claus en Kaan, a Dutch architectural firm that has been doing handsome, modern work for decades...

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Archeology & Architecture: The Work of Avro|KO+

The work of Avro|KO is street-front unassuming, most of their projects in Manhattan are so well integrated with the grit...

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The work of Claesson Koivisto Rune+

The roots of BUILD LLC trace back to Denmark where owners Kevin Eckert and Andrew van Leeuwen met while studying...

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The Work of Mathias Klotz in Chile+

Reutter house, Cantagua, Chile, 2000

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