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A Home for the 21st Century: Part 1, the Exterior+

BUILD LLC remodels a mid-century modern home to last another 50 years.

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The Architecture of Modesty+

Stock plans from the 1950's offer a modesty that we'll need in the future of housing.

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Davidson Residence Night Shots+

Night shots of the latest residential project by BUILD LLC

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A House on the Bluff+

BUILD LLC announces the completion of a new, modern home in Seattle; the post covers materials, methods and design ideas...

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Urban Oddities+

Freak accidents of design in the urban landscape.

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Home Interventions+

Some cool home-improvements by homeowners in the Park Modern building.

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The Experience of Art Deco Design+

The BUILDblog kicks the tires on Art Deco Miami and concludes that it's just as much about experience as...

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Dynamic Bridges+

A review of 5 dynamic bridges in the Seattle area with statistics and photos.

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You’ll never get sued for ugly+

Architects are the guardians of good aesthetics but if they can't uphold a code of decent design in the built...

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Hollin Hills House+

A nice example of mid-century modern architecture in the Hollin Hills community of Virginia.

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Mid-century Modern Communities+

The BUILDblog collection of Mid-Century Modern neighborhoods in the United States.

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Keeping the Character+

Throughout our travels over the last several years a couple of places really impressed us with their adherence to community...

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Real Cities+

Real cities have industry. Real cities have grit. Real cities have places where steel gets machined, where cabinets get built,...

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Traditional + Modern Architecture+

The preservation of traditional architecture is important to us and being a modern architecture firm does not exclude us from...

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Architecture + Photography+

So there we were, going six hundred and fifty miles per hour at thirty thousand feet in the air on...

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Planned Communities+

[Photo by BUILD LLC] Planned communities are a double-edge sword.  The greatest models exemplify harmony with nature, consistency of good...

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The Architecture of Discretion+

Several weeks ago we spent some time in northern California and as far as we’re concerned Joseph Phelps Vineyards is...

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Architecture and Purity+

[MARCO photo by leckan18] We recently spent some time down in Monterrey Mexico, and although it’s the country’s third largest...

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Active Silence+

BUILD reflects on the architecture of active silence.

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Hilltowns vs. Tract Home Developments+

BUILD analyzes the similarities and vast differences between hilltowns and suburbia.

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Detached Accessory Dwelling Units+

Buildable land is increasingly difficult to come by in Seattle, at the same time population growth continues and the needs...

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Alternative Dwellings+

BUILD takes a sober look at the advantages, disadvantages, and quirks of mobile living.

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In Defense of Preservation+

BUILD shares their thoughts on the harmony between preservation and modernism.

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Modern Condominium Build-Out+

Construction of a condominium interior in downtown Seattle. The project uses new cabinets, new finishes and features a translucent shower...

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Interior Screening+

BUILD shares their simple strategies for optimizing texture and light in a recent urban condo build-out.

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Pre-Fab Houses Don’t Work+

BUILD weighs in on the perpetually hot topic of pre-fab architecture.

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Learning from Legos+

BUILD gives LEGO the credit they deserve.

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Arthur Erickson: Pacific Northwest Modern Master+

BUILD pays homage to one of the Northwest's great architects.

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Raising the Bar #3: Well Executed Townhomes+

BUILD highlights some bar-raising townhome developments popping up around the city.

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Raising the Bar #2: Super-Markets+

BUILD takes note of the possibilities (and the reality) of supermarket design here and abroad.

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Evolutions in Graffiti+

BUILD encounters the changing nature of street art during some recent travels.

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The nature of mass transportation develops patterns and geometries unlike anything else in urban, suburban and rural environments. Today’s blog...

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