March, 2012

The Modern List Seattle+

BUILD updates The Modern List Seattle.

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What Professors Don’t Teach You in Architecture School+

All those not-so-sexy items that enables great architecture

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Favorite House Roundup+

BUILD team members reveal their favorite houses.

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10 Items To Wrap Up A Project+

10 items BUILD recommends to completely, totally, entirely wrap up a project.

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The Modern Front Door+

BUILD delivers some technical specs, right to your front door.

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BUILD at Taliesin West+

BUILD kicks off the Spring Lecture Series and gets a taste of community life at Taliesin West.

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Northwest Usonian, Part II+

BUILD reviews a classic Frank Lloyd Wright Usonian house and gets into the design DNA

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Interior Drop Soffits+

BUILD covers an important aspect of ceiling design.

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Modern Architecture in Film+

BUILD lists notable modern architecture at the movies.

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