April, 2011

Innovations from the Cabinet Shop+

Some recent innovations from the Special Projects Division cabinet shop.

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Continuous Indoor-Outdoor Walls+

The BUILDblog looks at some design aspects of bringing exterior walls inside.

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Teaching and Learning+

BUILDblog reviews the work of some sharp-shooter architecture students at the University of Washington.

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BUILD Book Report+

This is our 4th book report as we continue to add exceptional books to the office library. The report covers...

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Architecture for People, Architecture for Photos+

How the power of the image is changing design.

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Case Study Pro-Bono Project+

BUILD outlines their method of pro-bono work.

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Out in the World+

BUILD gives a shout out to some peeps that have been working hard on the promotion front.

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A Guide to Updating Mid-Century Modern Homes+

BUILD reviews their process for updating MCM homes in detail.

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Translation as Architecture+

BUILDblog discusses the basic building blocks of good design.

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What we learned from the recession+

A top ten list of how BUILD made it through the recession.

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