Architects and the Proper Drink+

BUILDblog covers some proper libations to celebrate the new year

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Alpine Architecture+

BUILDblog covers 10 extreme buildings in alpine regions

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On the Radar+

All the stuff we've been researching, studying and staring at.

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5 Important Details for Modern Shower Design+

BUILDblog covers 5 important shower details for the modern home, complete with details.

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Pre-fab Spiral Stairs+

Why pre-fab spiral stairs are so handy.

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Smart Flat Roofs: The Craft of Parapet Detailing+

BUILDblog covers the technical side of flat roofs which, as it turns out, aren't so flat.

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The Value of a Hand Built Object+

BUILDblog says get your hands dirty and build something for the holidays.

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On the Radar+

Plenty of cool designy links from the BUILDblog.

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You Vote With Your Money+

BUILDblog picks for holiday shopping.

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Modern Christmas Tree+

BUILD LLC launches its Modern Reusable Plywood Christmas Tree.

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University of Washington Lecture+

BUILD LLC lectures on sustainability at the UW and beats up the green movement a bit.

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Start-up Architecture+

The BUILDblog covers internet and social media start-up office design for a current project.

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The Modern List Seattle+

BUILDblog covers the new modern culture in Seattle

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Couch Cushion Architecture; A Critical Analysis 4+

The BUILDblog reacquaints itself with that primal urge to build and critiques the 4th installment of couch cushion architecture.

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A Home for the 21st Century: Part 2, the Interior+

All the behind the scenes materials and methods of a mid-century modern house remodel

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Innovations from the Cabinet Shop+

The latest cabinet innovations for the modern kitchen from Special Projects Division

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A Home for the 21st Century: Part 1, the Exterior+

BUILD LLC remodels a mid-century modern home to last another 50 years.

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Sauna Design & Construction+

The low-down on sauna design and construction.

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Invisible Architecture+

BUILD LLC completes an inconspicuous design for people, art and celebration.

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On the Radar+

all the stuff that the BUILDblog has been researching lately.

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Material Purity vs. Paint+

BUILD LLC struggles with material purity and paint.

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3 Modern Base Details+

BUILDblog tackles some modern base trim details.

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Sliding Doors S-M-L+

The BUILDblog covers sliding door hardware for Small, Medium and Large applications.

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Multi-Cultural Learning Center, Guinea+

BUILD LLC designs and African Village for dancing and drumming.

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BUILD Out in the World+

The low-down on some of BUILD's endeavors out in the world.

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Innovations from the cabinet shop+

The BUILDblog covers some new innovations that we're working on in our SPD cabinet shop.

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5 Anomalies of Architecture+

The BUILDblog covers 5 exceptional anomalies of the architectural business model.

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Architecture that Multi-Tasks+

A simple, modern wall structure that has many functions in a mid-century modern remodel.

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On the Radar+

Some cool stuff we've been researching lately...

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A Guide to Current Architectural Photographers+

The BUILDblog covers the sharp-shooters of architectural photography, region by region.

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AIA: Help us help you+

BUILD reaches out to the AIA for some solutions.

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The Modern List Manhattan+

BUILDblog covers the latest and greatest in NYC

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