On the Radar+

Thanks to those of you supplying our addiction to modern design and culture, there’s been no lack of great links...

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We’re currently in the middle of designing a modern, timeless kitchen for a single family residence and it’s an exciting...

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Carlo Mollino: Renaissance Man+

[Photo courtesy Carlo Mollino arabesques, Electa Press] There’s a good chance that your college design professors never introduced you to...

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The Modern List Seattle+

The Modern List Seattle is intended for the design conscious interested in experiencing modern architecture, design, art, food and...

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The Architecture of Death+

Typically we try and stay away from them, but about once a year we end up at a big box...

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On the Radar+

On the Radar is BUILD’s every-couple-of-weeks synopsis of what we’re up to up. SURFING Lately our favorite gratuitous image site...

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A Statement on Sustainability by BUILD LLC+

A statement addressing BUILD LLC's commitment to sensible design where durability, density, regionalism and timelessness are the most important factors...

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In our ongoing Google Earth series the Borderscapes theme covers some fascinating interfaces between built-form and nature.  The plan view...

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The Work of Gert Wingårdh+

While traveling through Scandinavia last summer we came across the work of Gert Wingårdh.  We’re ashamed to admit it but,...

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Young Architects Day Recap+

On Wednesday November 5th BUILD initiated the first YAD event.  Young Architects Day is an afternoon/early-evening event in Seattle that...

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AIA Seattle: 2008 Honor Award Winners for Washington Architecture+

AIA Seattle hosted the 2008 Honor Awards for Washington Architecture on Monday, November 3rd in Seattle. This years theme was...

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BUILD 2008 Halloween Costumes+

We’re just about done designing a home for an awesome client of ours who threw a Halloween party this year....

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Guide to Copper Weathering+

Although generally familiar with the stages of weathered copper, we didn’t actually know the data behind the process.  Our architecture...

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On the Radar+

On the Radar, the every-couple-of-weeks synopsis of what we’re looking at on the web, is an official category in the...

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Models for Low-Rise Multi-Family Housing: U.S.+

As part 2 of the low-rise multi-family series, and in response to our Urban Blight post, we want to bring...

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Open Letter to Interns and Young Architects+

Dear Interns and Young Architects, We’ve been getting a lot of resumes lately.  Thank you for that – it’s good...

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Models for Low-Rise Multi-Family Housing: Europe+

Not too long ago we threw a few tomatoes at the townhouse model that has proliferated in the northwest.  It...

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On The Radar+

A lot of cool stuff has found its way to the BUILDblog lately. Thanks to everyone for keeping us up...

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Your favorite websites+

It’s time for a new website here at BUILD llc. We got some good mileage out of our clunky Flash...

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Kengo Kuma Lecture+

[photo by dbox] On Monday night BUILD attended the Kengo Kuma lecture at the Seattle Public Library which was a...

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3 Relationships of Architecture to the Earth+

Years ago, back in school, we attended a lecture by renowned architect Daniel Liebskind.  He showed a series of simple...

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Lost in Construction+

Maybe we’re on crazy pills but most of the buildings here in Seattle seem to exhibit a more interesting architecture...

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Picnic Seattle+

Monday September 29th marks the opening of Picnic, a brand new food and wine boutique here in Seattle on Phinney...

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Open Letter to MOMA+

Dear MOMA, We are members, supporters and regulars of your extraordinary museum.  We link to you on our websites, name-drop...

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The Process of Architecture+

BUILD describes the full process of how architecture comes together.

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The Modern List Manhattan+

BUILD just returned from New York City where we field tested the new and improved Modern List Manhattan.  The database...

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Although not technically architecture, these images have some architectural qualities and make a strong visual statement about agriculture, economics and...

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Seattle Cruise Ship Terminal+

Recently our good buddy Chris Patano of Patano Hafermann Architects gave BUILD a behind the scenes tour of their new...

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The Poetics of Project Tracking+

As architects and builders, tracking construction projects is day-to-day business.  Everything from the finances to the kitchen faucet revisions are...

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The Modern List St. Petersburg+

This post on St. Petersburg is the 3rd and final modern list guide from our recent travels which also include...

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Finnish Wood Detailing+

Off the shore of Helsinki is Seurasaari Island; an Open Air Museum of traditional Finnish architecture and culture.  At first...

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Finnish Door Handles+

In trying to attain ever greater levels of design geek-dom, we think we’ve done it this time.  That’s right, door...

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